What do you want to get out of life?

Whether it’s weight you want to lose, a deal you want to land, or a marathon you want to run…. or pretty much anything you have your heart set on, then there here are some tips on getting where you want to be:

Set this crystal clear goal.

Write it down. Give it some numbers, and some robust shape, ie I will lose 10lbs in 8 weeks by eating more healthily and walking 3 miles every day.

How much do you really want this?

If your heart isn’t 100% in it, you will find this goal harder to achieve. Passion breeds success, every time. I believe it’s the No 1 starting point, because it you aren’t that fussed about reaching this goal, you will easily find reasons to give up.

Spend time imagining it was a reality.

As your brain can’t distinguish between what has been imagined and what has actually happened, you are far more likely to achieve a goal if your brain thinks you have done this before. Fear and anxiety come from a negative anticipation of future events, of something unknown. If you can vividly imagine and visualise a future situation, your mind will record it as a real memory; the situation will become something known, something you’ve ‘already experienced’.

Ask yourself WHY you are doing this.

Understanding how you will feel once you have achieved this is a very powerful motivator. Knowing the reason you want this will propel you forward, making decisions easier to make and problems easier to solve.

Get laser focused.

The more you can filter out the distractions that can interfere with your goal, the better. Uncluttered clarity is what you need. Think about it – could you drive your car to a destination with the windscreen covered in mud? 

Welcome your fear of failing.

No one ever achieved anything without messing up along the way, No one. Failure is simply the path you must travel down to achieve anything. Be prepared to mess up – learn from what happened, and you will develop confidence and resilience.

Your mindset will determine your success.

If you are stuck in a cycle of ‘stinking thinking’ about achieving your goal you are going to have a tough time getting there. Your behaviour will change when you change your thinking, attitude and approach – these are the key to achievement…not your intelligence or skillset!