Remove distractions and stay focused

We’re all battered by distractions, all day, every day.

A great deal of the people I work with talk about how they have so much going on, they can get easily distracted and struggle to stay focused on one task, so they don’t achieve as much as they potentially could.

Chase two rabbits and you’ll catch neither.

So here’s a top tip for increasing your ‘attention control’ to avoid the hijacking of your focus away from the task at hand, and to get your wandering mind back under control.


Otherwise known as mindfulness, it’s all about paying attention to the present moment with awareness and without emotional reactivity. 

So take 10 mins out, to sit in a comfortable, upright position and focus all your attention on the sensation of your breathing. When your attention wanders, gently return to the breath-related thoughts.

If you prefer, you can do this exercise while walking, showering or eating.

Staying focused on the present sensations you experience can take a bit of practice, but over time this exercise will train your mind to stay in one place at at time. 

The Mentally Tough are able to stay focused and not let their minds wander. 

If you could develop more ‘attentional control’, imagine what could you achieve!

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