What is the point?

Is that a question you have ever asked yourself? What is the point of your life? The point of your business? Your marriage? The point of anything at all?

If you could identify the point of it all, wouldn’t it help you to focus your efforts and energy to create the outcomes you seek? I want to share my ideas on why finding ‘the point’ to anything is the most effective way to actually make things happen, and reach your goals.

If I have a goal, and I ask myself “what is the point of this goal” I start to track forward in my mind to why I am trying to achieve this, and I am really strict with myself, I will only allow myself to have one point to the goal.

If it helps draw a triangle and put a small circle around the point is at the very top, and that’s the point. The rest of the triangle is full of all the tasks to be completed to get to the point.  But there are not two or three points,, there is just one. This intense focus, on narrowing things down to the point, has helped me for many years to achieve the goals I have set for myself.

Using this discipline of finding the point, I am always crystal clear about what it is I am striving to achieve. And the clearer my goal, the easier it is focus my time and energy to achieving it. If I focus on the one point of my important goal or task, then I am not distracted by numerous other tasks, goals and ambitions, that swamp me, and pull me in too many directions.

So, no longer to I have a to-do list – I have a priority list. A to-do list feels more like a survival list , getting me through each day, but not making each day a stepping stone towards my goal. But my priority list accelerates me to a ‘success list’ because I am not distracted or pulled in so many directions. I tell myself that doing the most important thing, is always the most important thing!

So what is the point for you? Think for a moment about something you are trying to achieve – I will call it ‘the goal’. Hold that goal in your mind. It might be something small or it could be huge. Either way, track forward in your mind to this goal being reached. Ask yourself, what is the point of this goal? What is this goal delivering for me that is so important to me?

Do you have your answer? Ok, now that answer is The Point. Now you know the point of your goal, you can narrow down your focus to things that will help you get there. Start to ignore all the things you could do. And do what you should do. Do the things that matter most and have the most impact.

You have a finite amount of time and energy to reach this goal, and if you spread yourself out, you will spread yourself thin. Spread yourself thin and you become far less effective and productive I have found that my most extraordinary results were directly determined by how narrow I made my focus.  You could say that going small (to the very tiny point) is a very simple approach to reaching your goal, but I assure you it is incredibly effective.

When you ‘go small’, narrow your focus, you’ll be staring at one thing, and that’s the point! When you start to prioritise things and line things up that take you to the point, you will be creating a lot of energy to accomplish this single most important thing.

So If you don’t know what the point is of your goal , then your one thing must be to find out. Never forget that Success is built sequentially. One thing at a time. Just in case you are doubting if finding the point would work for you, just consider an ancient Chinese proverb that says: “If you chase two rabbits. You will not catch either one”