Mental Toughness Coaching

"I wasn't prepared for the impact this coaching would have on my life - superb!"


"Penny's coaching sessions definitely had a impact on how i perform in my new role"

Sarah Harper, Reading

"Penny was so easy to work with, putting me at ease every session"

Pamela Durrant

"Absolutely loved working with Penny - my confidence is so much higher now"

Chris Smith


Penny’s expert understanding of how our thinking affects our behaviour is brought together in Mental Toughness coaching, with individuals and teams. 

Penny works with all levels of management, delivering a coaching style that is real, accessible, and inspires life-changing and sustainable results.

The Mentally Tough prosper and succeed in today’s fast pace of change and innovation. Increasing resilience, focus, confidence and attitude transforms performance and profitability. With increased Mental Toughness we can learn to manage the extreme stress and pressures we all face, every day. When we can avoid distractions, better manage stress and pressure and feel more confident our performance, productivity and happiness all rise.

If you’re ready for change, determined to move forward, committed to unleashing your best, Penny Mallory will partner in your success with goal orientated, structured Mental Toughness coaching. 

Coaching is available for all levels of management:

Senior Management

Middle Management

Front line

Coaching over 9 months 

Up to 10 x 60 min sessions

Includes: Mental Toughness Assessment

Leadership Style assessment

Intersession support

Personal reading/viewing recommendations

Coaching over 6 months 

Up to 7 x 60 min sessions

Includes: Mental Toughness Assessment

Can include: Intersession support

Coaching over 4 months 

Up to 5 x 60 min sessions

Includes: Mental Toughness Assessment

Penny Mallory Female Motivational Speaker
Penny Mallory Mental Toughness Coach
Mental Toughness Coach

Penny Mallory is qualified in Coaching and Mentoring for Leaders,  a qualification that holds the European Quality Award conferred by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

Mental Toughness coaching may include an online assessment which measures your levels of confidence, sense of control, commitment, and approach to challenges.

A 16 page report is produced which we can work on to develop various areas of your mindset attitude and approach. The assessment is a valuable tool that measures how you are thinking and behaving.

” Time spent with Penny was definitely time well spent! 
I needed to find new ways to respond and offer challenge in a work environment and Penny was able to coach me to draw on my own experience to create a whole new tool kit of techniques for me to use, which are absolutely taking me to the next level already. 
Penny was engaging and so easy to talk to and working with her over several sessions allowed me to really clear my path and focus on me, I would highly recommend her as a coach.”
People Development, Veolia

Penny has an exceptional way of helping to explore what’s really going on without being intrusive. She is good humoured but tenacious, and absolutely focussed on helping to get the most out of the time together – she sets actionable homework too!

HR Computacenter

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Keynotes: Live Virtual Hybrid

Female Motivational Speaker Penny Mallory

What makes a great Motivational Speaker? Penny believes it is one that challenges existing thinking, offer tools for change and promotes new behaviours immediately.

Mental Toughness Team Challenge

Female Motivational Speaker Penny Mallory

A team that is confident, focused and committed is more likely to be successful and reach outcomes. Develop your teams’ Mental Toughness to get a competitive advantage in just 12 weeks.

Mental Toughness Coaching

Penny Mallory Mental Toughness Coach

Penny’s expert understanding of how our thinking affects our behaviour is brought together in Mental Toughness coaching, with individuals and teams. 

Facilitator, Host & Presenter

Awards Host Penny Mallory

Penny has presented and hosted many acclaimed TV shows, over 300 Awards events, product launches and corporate events all over the UK and Europe, for countless Global brands.



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