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As the author of ‘World Class Thinking, World Class Behaviour’, Penny Mallory and her team have worked inside and alongside world-class teams (including F1) within industry and business for decades.

Whether it’s small or large organisations, across numerous sectors, Penny and her team have delivered consultancy and coaching that has transformed personal and professional performance and results.

How do we define Leadership?

Leadership is influencing, inspiring and directing the performance of people towards the achievement of key organisational goals – and creating a sense of success in the short and long term.

Developing leadership skills in organisations, and in society, is critical for economic development.

What we see is that leadership itself has not changed as a concept. It was, and still is, about improving performance and engaging with people to do this. Similarly, leadership style is capable of being defined in a way that can also be assessed.

World Class Thinking for Leaders

We create diamond minds with thought leadership from very special leaders.

Our ‘World Class Thinking, for Leaders’ programme covers areas including sharing strategy and tactics to develop a framework for the team and individual excellence. It is engaging, accessible, practical and measurable thus providing a true ROI back to the business bottom line.

The first element of the programme includes a Mental Toughness Leadership Assessment which provides insight into the leaders style, effectivness, strengths and areas of development. The second element of the programme is a 1:1 coaching plan.

TheWorld Class Thinking, for Leaders’ programme provides insight into these areas:

  • Becoming an Elite Leader
  • Building an Elite Team
  • Mental Toughness Coaching for Personal & Professional Performance
  • How to implement effective, enhanced Cultural Change
  • Confidence and self-belief
  • Concentration and attentional focus on positive psychology: Mental Toughness
  • Creating psychological safety

Assessment, Training & Coaching includes these areas:

  • Helping leaders identify how they perform and behave as leaders in the workplace
  • To enable identification of key skills and competencies for effective leadership
  • Enables leaders to identify how their leadership style may be adapted for various situations
  • Helping leaders recognise how their leadership style might be developed and guided to improve effectiveness
World Class Thinking - World Class Behaviour
Penny Mallory Female Motivational Speaker

‘Leadership Style and Effectiveness’ assessments provide a 16 page report from which we’ll investigate your style and areas for development or change

World Class Thinking for Leaders

Find out more about our ‘World Class Thinking, for Leaders’ programme learn how to truly inspire, influence and lead your team or organisation.

Keynotes: Live Virtual Hybrid

Female Motivational Speaker Penny Mallory

What makes a great Motivational Speaker? Penny believes it is one that challenges existing thinking, offer tools for change and promotes new behaviours immediately.

Mental Toughness Team Challenge

Female Motivational Speaker Penny Mallory

A team that is confident, focused and committed is more likely to be successful and reach outcomes. Develop your teams’ Mental Toughness to get a competitive advantage in just 12 weeks.

Mental Toughness Coaching

Penny Mallory Mental Toughness Coach

Penny’s expert understanding of how our thinking affects our behaviour is brought together in Mental Toughness coaching, with individuals and teams. 

Facilitator, Host & Presenter

Awards Host Penny Mallory

Penny has presented and hosted many acclaimed TV shows, over 300 Awards events, product launches and corporate events all over the UK and Europe, for countless Global brands.