How many times have you decided to lose weight, give up smoking, stop drinking during the week, double your daily sales calls, or go to gym every day?

You are committed to your cause and you start with all the best intentions. It goes well…for a short while…and then you relapse back into your old ways. Sound familiar?

Have you ever wondered why this happens? Ever wondered what you could do to ensure your commitment is just that – a real, genuine, proper complete commitment, that you stick to?

Let me first start by asking you a simple question…

What is easier – a 98% commitment to do something, or 100% commitment?

At first glance, this I snot such an easy one to answer, and the longer you think about it, the harder it is to find the answer.

This is my theory.

You commit to do something 98% and you leave yourself 2% open to other options.

This 2% is the Danger Zone.

It’s where you have a constant tug of war.

Some may say this is where ‘will power’ comes into play.

It’s messy and you can wriggle.

98% means it’s really just an exercise, an experiment or a trial run.

Commit to something 100% and there is no tug of war.

Your commitment is complete with no gets-outs, options, ideas or alternatives.

Can you win a race if you are 98% committed?

Maybe, but the chances are your opponents are 100% committed, and they are far more likely to win the race.

100% commitment means for life. It doesn’t mean for 7 days, 30 days or a year. (because that wouldn’t be commitment would it?)

100% commitment leaves no room for wriggling, excuses, opt-outs or alternatives. It’s full. Complete. Entire.

And that’s why I believe a 100% commitment is far easier than a 98% commitment.

Now, think again about what you are committing to. Make it 100%. See what happens!