Perspective Changes Everything

Perspective. It’s your point of view.  It’s what you see, or what attitude you hold regarding something. 

Your perspective may be influenced by your beliefs or your experiences. You must have been in many situations when an event was remembered by you and someone else, but in very different ways. Their perspective was quite different to yours. But it was the same event.

Perspective, in its most basic simplistic form could be:

I sit and stare at a mug on my kitchen table. I can see the handle and the logo and a bit of tea inside. 

But the person sat opposite me is looking at the exact same mug, at the same time, but sees something quite different; no logo, no handle, no tea.

We see completely different things. And we are both 100% correct.

Or You stand on the top floor of a tall building and look down. I stand on the ground and look up. Same building, same day, same weather. 

Totally different perspective, with a totally different experience. We see completely different things and we are both 100% correct. Your perspective is your point of view of a situation. For the exact same situation, two (or more) people will have a very different perspective.

It’s easy to forget, or ignore, that this is the reality for the other person.  Their reality is different to yours but it’s not wrong.  It’s just their perspective. Seeing something from another person’s perspective can change your perception of things. 

People talk about ‘Keeping things in perspective which means to look at the ‘whole picture’ (not just their narrow view) seeing things in their proper relation or proportion to everything else. 

When you ‘step back’ from the thing you are concerned about, you get a wider view, you can see other things you didn’t see before. To widen your view is to open your mind to other possibilities.

We might say “I can see it from their perspective” which is another way of opening up more opportunities and possibilities.

Creative thinkers are great at doing this. 

Google is an innovative, creative business. It’s a company that thrives, relies, on hiring creative thinkers who are prepared to break the rules of conventional thinking, in pursuit of finding brilliant, groundbreaking initiatives. They constantly innovate. They actively seek new ideas, new perspectives.

Did you know that Google employees are asked to spend 20% of their working week working on ‘side projects’. They can chose when they take this 20% of their time. They can do it at whatever point they feel most creative. For some that will be on their morning run, and for some it’ll be the middle of the night. Of course, not many people are at their most creative when the ‘brainstorming meeting’ is called in the Boardroom at 2pm on a Tuesday.

By introducing this opportunity for the ‘opening of minds’ and ‘seeking new approaches’  for breaking convention, rules and finding new perspectives, the Google team have created things like Adwords, Twitter and Google maps and Group On.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut seeing thing from just your own view, but seeing something from another person’s perspective changes your perception. It is the perception of your reality that governs the perspective of your life, and whether you see, for example, an abundance or lack of opportunity around you.

Your perception is the way you regard, understand, or interpret something, it’s just your own mental impression of it. Your perception is how you interpret things, but also how you interpret your attitude towards something. You may not be able to change a situation, but you’ll always have a choice about how you view a situation.

Someone might say “She had an interesting perspective, and she made him think about things differently”

Nothing in life has any inherent meaning. It only has the meaning you assign to it. In the words of Shakespeare “There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

I strongly believe that we become what we think about, by the law of cause and effect, what we think about in our lives, we bring about in our lives. Think about it. What have you thought about , that has actually happened, both good and bad. 

Have you ever said ‘Ugh I knew that would happen”. Do you know someone who is constantly expecting the worst? And how often does the worst happen to that person? On the other hand do you know someone who always thinks that everything will work out perfectly, and for some strange reason it does most of the time.

Whether we are consciously aware of our thoughts or not, we bring about things we think about. This works because our thoughts are a cause set in motion, and these thoughts will attract things in our lives that will allow these thoughts to manifest in physical reality.  So be careful what you think about!

Your perspective determines your outcome. Have you ever had a problem and the more you stressed or thought about it, the worse it seemed to get? It’s the same principle, as you think about the problem more and more you spiral down a path of all the things that are going wrong, but nothing gets fixed. 

When life gets difficult or troublesome the best thing we can do is to step back and put things into perspective. Widen our view, open our mind to possibilities. It’s easy to get hyper-focused on what is going wrong in the moment, which can then make you feel like your entire world is crashing down.

When you change your perspective and begin to look at the bigger picture, or at things from a new angle, it’s easier to find solutions and not get overwhelmed.

So do you want to be the person who is constantly thinking down, or the person who is finding new angles, new solutions and new perspectives? 

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